Will You Survive? Disaster Preparedness in 2018

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People are afraid of the current unrest in the world today. No matter where you look there is some kind of civil disturbance. It’s apparent no matter where you look. Regardless, the fact is that there is little we can do to implement change or prevent bad stuff from taking place. No matter how much we wish we could change what’s happening, as individuals there isn’t much we can do when the control is out of our hands. However as little as we can influence what the world does, what we can do is enact change in ourselves and those we care about. What we can do is prepare ourselves for an inevitability that we can hope never happens. Preparing for the worst-case scenario doesn’t make you a fanatic. It makes you ready. And that is exactly what this guide is all about. It’s not an in-depth tome that gives you all the answers to every situation, rather it is an overview of what you can do individually to take care of you and your loved ones specifically in the early hours and days of a disastrous event.

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